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How do I bulk upload team members?

1. Go to  Team > Your team to view and manage your team.

2. Select ‘Bulk upload team’ and then ‘Download our template’ to upload your team easily in one go!

3. The file format should be CSV and all required fields completed. To help ensure a successful import, review the formatting guidelines below:

  • List each Team Member on their own row. Each row in your CSV file must describe a single Team member, such as first name, last name, email address etc. For a simple example, refer to the template: the first row is the header, and the next two lines describe how to populate the fields.
  • Include a column header row. The site treats the first row in an imported CSV file as a column header row, the standard column headers are defined in the template as well.
  • Check the file format and encoding. Make sure that you save your file in CSV format. Our site doesn’t import other formats, such as Microsoft Excel (XLS). If you edit the CSV file in Excel, we recommend saving the file with Unicode Text encoding (Save as > Save as type > Unicode Text).

4. If your file fails to upload, please check the detailed error messages for guidance.


Updated on August 12, 2020

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