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How do I print using HP Cloud printing?

Cloud printing is available at most of our centres globally, allowing you to remotely and securely send your documents to print.

How to Register
Firstly, you’ll need to register to a cloud account at the PrinterOn online portal here.

  • Click ‘PRINT
  • Login using the same details as your online account (username is your registered email address).
  • This first login will activate your cloud print account.

How to send documents to the printer
Submit your documents to print in any of the following ways:

  • Download the HP print driver and send to print directly from your document via File > Print
  • Upload your document at PrinterOn (via a web browser or mobile app)
  • Email your document to print@mail.go.printanywhere.com

How to collect your documents
After submitting your file to print, your unique WorldKey PIN will allow you to authenticate at the HP printer when you are ready to collect your documents. Find your WorldKey PIN in your online account:

  • Switch to the account you wish to be billed to (shown in the menu bar at the top of your online account)
  • Go to ‘Quick Access’ and view your WorldKey PIN

For full details on these print methods, please ask your Community Team and they will be happy to explain and provide a HP User Guide or see below for useful links.

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Updated on February 24, 2021

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