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When do I get my retainer/deposit back?

At the end of your agreement, we will return your retainer to you within 30 days of its end date.

Is there anything I need to do?
Yes, but it is quick and simple. We want to ensure that we return your retainer in the quickest and most secure way, therefore we will process your refund using a Bank/Wire Transfer directly into your bank account. For security and anti-fraud protection, we ask that you log into your online account and enter your bank information where prompted to do so.

What can cause delays in getting my retainer refunded?
If you delay providing us your bank information, it will delay your return. Also ensure you carefully enter your bank information online and check it is correct before submitting.
Incorrect information means when we try to process the refund it will fail and then we will need to contact you to re-enter your information which will delay your payment.

Can I use my retainer to pay an invoice if needed?
We do not allow retainers to be used to pay monthly invoices.

What if I move to another location in your network, what happens to my retainer?
We will ensure that your retainer on file gets transferred to the new location for you. If for any reason there is a need for an increased retainer at the new location, the difference will be billed directly on your monthly invoice at the new location.
Please note that it is not possible to transfer your retainer from one country to another, in this instance we would return your retainer and invoice you for a new one in the new country.

Speak to your community team for instructions on how to request your return of retainer in your online account.

Updated on July 20, 2020

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