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What is the business continuity service?

Office customers who have ended their agreement will continue to receive mail, calls and visitors after their departure. Therefore, to make sure you have a smooth transition we provide a continuation service that ensures you still receive your mail and customers who call have a voicemail message with information on where to find you. The service lasts for three months after you move out, but if you would like it for a longer period please let your community team know and they can set it up for as long as you would like. They will also be able to give you the price for the service.

What are the benefits?
You will receive the below benefits for the 3 months following your move out:
• Voicemail Message – You can customize the message on your voicemail, so it clearly states your new address and phone number. This way your customers can find you at your new location.
• Mail/Post – Mail will be held at the centre for you to pick up so you don’t miss any correspondence. If you would like us to forward the mail to your new address, you simply need to have a card on file and we will send it as often as needed. Please speak with the community team for pricing of mail forwarding daily, weekly and monthly.

What if I don’t want this service?
When you terminate on your online account you will be asked if you would like the service. At that point you can opt out if you do not feel you need it. Please note most of our customers select this service to ensure a smooth transition to their new location. If you missed this when you terminated and you see the service billed on your invoice, you can ask your community team and they can remove it for you.

Note: If you choose not to have the Business Continuity Service, please remember that your mail will be returned to sender and your phone will be disconnected with no forwarding information.
Updated on July 20, 2020

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