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What is the office restoration service?

When you moved into your office, we carefully ensured it was clean, in working order and ready for use. Therefore, we need to do the same for the next customer who will use the space. As we know your time is valuable, we organize for you the vendors and work needed to complete the restoration of the office. We complete this work at a highly discounted rate and pass those savings on to you.
The office restoration service includes:
• Full cleaning of furniture (including drawers)
• Spot cleaning of carpets
• Wipe down of walls as needed
• Cleaning of telecoms equipment (e.g. phone handsets)
• IT and telecoms testing ensuring that all data ports and phone lines work correctly
• Disassembly of IT equipment in communications room including routers, hubs and switches
• Collection of all office keys, swipe cards, building and parking passes
The service is charged at a flat rate per square metre/foot of your office. You will find details of the Office Restoration Service and pricing for your location in the House Rules. Also, any one of your Community Team will be happy to go over this service and its pricing with you at any time.
Updated on May 27, 2020

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