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What payment options are available to me?

We offer a variety of payment options.

Automatic card or Direct Debit / ACH payment: This is the preferred method for most of our customers.  You can either add a credit card or your bank information to your account and we will conveniently pull your payment each month for you. This ensures you never incur a late fee or need to worry about when your invoice is due.

– One-time credit card payment: You can add your card to your online account and then log in each month to make your payments with the card you have on file.

– Bank/wire transfer: You can send an electronic payment to the address that is noted on your invoice on the “How to Pay” page.  It is very important that you include your account number as the reference when making the payment so that there is no delay with us being able to apply it to your account.  Also note that banks take time to send and receive payments so please allow enough time for your payment to be posted.’

I want to change my method of payment – How do I do this?
Changing your payment method is easy.  Simply log into your online account, click on the
“Account” tab and then select “Payment methods”.

How can I see my full payment history?
You simply log onto your online account and click on the “Account” tab and then select “Statement”.  This will display 6 months of invoices, payments and credits on your account.  If you would like to see more historic information you just update the calendar at the top of the page to the date range you are looking for.

I made a payment, but it is not showing on my account. Why not?
You should contact us immediately, so we can assist you.  You can help us by having a copy of your proof of payment available for your community team, so they can quickly get your payment applied to your account.
Updated on July 21, 2020

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